Welcome to Boshi Poodles.  We are located in the quaint city of Palatka, Florida, which is approximately an hour's drive from Jacksonville, Gainesville, Saint Augustine, Ocala or Daytona Beach. We are a couple of empty nesters who love and enjoy the love and companionship of a few beautiful Standard Poodles.  We have three Standard Poodles, two Toy Poodles and a yorkie.  We only breed our Standard Poodles.  They are black and blue, but each one carries a white gene so we get white Standard Poodle puppies as well.  The rest of our dogs are spayed pets and have never been bred.  All of our dogs are family members, living in our home, sleeping in our bedroom and each one carries their own VIP (Very Important Poodle) status. Breeders are the caretakers of the future of the Standard Poodle.  Breeding just to fill a demand for puppies can damage a breed for years to come.   Not all dogs are worthy of being bred.  Having a Championship title is not a good enough reason to breed a dog either.  There are many judgement calls a breeder has to make according to their own conscience.  Sound temperament, health and correct structure are our priorities.    A Standard Poodle is not for everyone. Their coats grow from the day they are born to the day the die.  Poodle owners must be dedicated to the maintenance and care of the poodle coat.  We screen our prospective puppy buyers.  You are not just buying a dog from Boshi Poodles, you are adding another member to your family. We ask you questions, and strongly encourage you to ask us questions. Since a dog is a living creature, there are no guarantees you won't ever have a health issue, but purchasing a puppy from healthy,  fully tested parents is an advantage you want to have.    All sires and dams are genetically tested before breeding.  We check Hips (OFA), Thyroid (OFA), Eyes (CERF) von Willebrands disease (vWB) and Sebaceous Adenitis (OFA).  We do our best to check the health history of the parents, grandparents and siblings.  We study pedigrees and dogs to help make informed breeding decisions when we choose a stud dog.  Always striving to better the breed.   Their health and well-being is of primary importance.    Breeding our dogs is a labor of love; we're only planning to have a couple litters in next two or three years.  Our goal is to produce healthy show and companion puppies with wonderful, happy temperaments.    We breed for quality, not quantity.  All pets are sold on limited registrations and on spay/neuter contracts.   Show potential puppies are sold on special contract.
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Boshi Standard Poodles
We adhere to the Poodle breed standard established by the Poodle Club of America.
Boshi Standard Poodles Palatka Florida USA
www.BoshiStandardPoodles.net is our new web address Please click to view latest news.
www.BoshiStandardPoodles.net is our new web address Please click to view latest news.